Shifting Cotton Narratives: A Workshop for journalists and storytellers 

Cotton at the source

Shifting Cotton Narratives: A Workshop for journalists and storytellers 

March 5th, 2024 – 10am EDT/ 16H CET

*Interpretation will be available in English, French, Portuguese

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Narratives about cotton have become narrow and simplistic. Whether it’s a viral story about a fast fashion brand praised for its most sustainable denim collection ever (with no mention of farmer equity), or cotton being a “thirsty” crop (ignoring local contexts of water usage), we can agree there’s more to the story of cotton and sustainability than what’s portrayed.

To properly understand the fashion and textile industry, and the social and environmental issues around it, we must grapple with cotton and the people who grow it. With a growing demand and interest in sustainable clothes, journalists and storytellers are responsible for covering the cotton industry through a more holistic lens. 

In this online workshop, cotton educators, fashion and environmental journalists will equip you with tools and questions to guide your reporting even when facing resource and time constraints. 

We invite journalists and storytellers to join in this media workshop! 

What to expect: 

  • Understand and debunk myths around cotton and sustainability
  • Learn how to incorporate farmers’ perspectives in stories
  • Learn how cotton, food, ecology, gender and culture are interconnected 
  • Receive access to a Media Toolkit 

Speakers, Cotton and Sustainability experts: 

  • Elizabeth Cline (USA) / Journalist, author, professor at Columbia University
  • Marzia Lanfranchi (Spain) / Co-founder of Cotton Diaries, independent cotton consultant
  • Prachi Pinglay (India) / Journalist
  • Jaideep Hardikar (India) / Journalist, author 
  • Léonce Gamai (Benin) / Journalist, media expert
  • Luiz Felipe (Brazil) / Journalist 

Moderated by HyoJin Park / Journalist, formerly Al Jazeera English, Press Relations at A Growing Culture

We also offer ongoing support to journalists interested in covering these topics. We hope you’ll join us. 

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[Total runtime: 90 min]